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Durable Rubberising and Waterproofing S.A.

Durable Rubberising and Waterproofing S.A. provides a stress free, hassle free mobile on-site Polyurethane rubberising and waterproofing service to the general public, automotive industry, building industry, roofing industry, plant industry, farming industry, commercial industry and many other industries where rubberising and waterproofing is applicable and required. Our experienced friendly staff and management team are more than happy to assist you with any enquiries with regards to all your rubberising and waterproofing requirements. We make rubberising and waterproofing simple.

Durable Rubberising and waterproofing S.A. is renowned for our superior protective polyurethane coatings for bakkie bin linings and load beds of delivery vehicles as well as other automotive applications like trailers, panel vans, containers, boats, industrial and commercial plants, dams, fish ponds, concrete roofing, IBR roofing, corrugated roofing, floor coatings etc.

Durable Rubberising And Waterproofing S.A. offers permanent protection against impact, corrosive and abrasive damage. Our spray-on polyurethane lining forms an air- and watertight bond to the surface, providing effective protection against the damaging effects of water, fertiliser, acids, fuels and other chemicals.

Because of its durability, toughness and physical qualities, Durable rubberising And Waterproofing S.A. outperforms any other liner and waterproofing liner available, whether it is a drop-in liner, rubber mat, or paint-on liner or waterproofing liner.

About the company

Durable Rubberising and Waterproofing S.A. provides businesses and individuals with top of the line professionalism and outstanding customer service when it comes to your Rubberising and Waterproofing requirements. We see customer service as an investment, not a cost. The customer is the most important factor to our business success. We look forward to adding value to your Rubberising and Waterproofing requirements and experience.


The key to providing a successful Rubberising and waterproofing operation, starts with taking a proactive approach. In every operation we ensure managerial oversight and detailed personnel training. This approach allows us to ensure every operation is strictly tailored to the client’s needs by implementing clear and concise operating procedures.


Our goal is to transform your Rubberising and Waterproofing requirements from sustainable to exceptional. We take a comprehensive approach to Polyurethane Rubberising and Waterproofing, not because it makes sense, but because it is necessary to maximize revenue potential.


Here at Durable Rubberising and Waterproofing S.A. we believe professional interactions with customers are vital to ensure company goals are being met. Whether you are a business client, or a customer making use of the Durable Rubberising and Waterproofing services and products, we value your business and will always uphold the highest levels of professionalism.

Company profile

We aim to be at the cutting edge of integrity, honesty, humanity, senility, and compassion. To stand for the good and affirm to pursue the noble course and the common good. To demonstrate real competence, tenacity, and a sense of efficiency, not shy away from a difficult decision, yet we remain ethical. Practice introspection, reflection and self-renewal.

  • We do not only execute tasks but also follow through until the benefits and value are fully realised by the clients, measurable and sustainable
  • We are the company with long-term business plans and in the process establishing strategic relationships with its clients, to optimize performance excellence and profitability
  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves and this aspires to deal with clients to exhibit entrepreneurship flair and flavour
  • A position of a cutting edge that has ensured the company of high levels of client retention

Contact details

Tel: 067 296 6182

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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